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Registration will close at 11:59pm on April 20th. Tickets are transferable, but non-refundable.

Until April 20th:
General: $65*
Student: $55*

General: $75
Student: $65

*Fees Apply
Passes are transferrable but non-refundable.

Dance Passes:

Friday Main Dance Only: $15
Friday Late Night Only: $15

Lindy Games: Free!
Saturday Full Night: $30
Saturday Late Night Only: $10

Beach Day: Free!
Sunday Night: $15

Photos and videos will be taken at this event. Please notify the volunteers at the door if you would not like your photo taken/published. Photos and videos will only be taken during Main Dances as well as during the first set of the band during the After Hours dance on Saturday. If you have a severe food allergy, please inform us by emailing with subject “sloX ‘15: Allergy.”



6 to 9PM - Farmers Market Downtown
10PM to 12AM - Gypsy Jazz at Kreuzberg Coffee Company


8PM to 12AM - Main Dance at Pavilion on the Lake with Professor Cunningham & his Old School
10PM - Blues Room

12AM to 4AM - After Hours at Chumash
- Main Room with the West End Stompers
- Blues Room


1PM to 4PM - Lindy Games at Santa Rosa Park

8PM to 12AM - Main Dance at Chumash with Professor Cunningham & his Old School
10PM - Blues room
- 9:45PM J&J Prelims
- 11:15PM J&J Finals

12AM to 4AM - After Hours at Chumash
- Lindy Main Room
- Blues Room with Jacob Miller and Nate Lown


1PM to 5PM - Beach Day at Avila Beach

8PM to 1AM - Main Dance at Chumash with the Tipsy Gypsies
10PM - Blues Room


8 to 11PM - Swing Dancing at the Madonna Inn


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Live Music

Professor Cunningham and his Old School

"Professor Cunningham and his Old School were the clear crowd-pleasers of the festival"

- Times Union, Albany, New York

"Award winning multi-instrumentalist Adrian Cunningham has built a septet of young killers that serve up pure, uncut old school NOLA tunes...and make them sound showroom new."

- Review, Albany Jazz Festival

Take a growling horn section, a grooving and soulful rhythm section, a woodwind/vocalist frontman, add the soul of a New Orleans party, and you've got Professor Cunningham and his Old School. This 5-piece New York based swing band performs the most swinging and grooving repertoire deeply steeped in the New Orleans tradition. Formed in 2010, they have already performed in New York's major swing and speakeasy events, and late last year, performed at Snowball in Stockholm- europe's biggest dance event!

Jacob Miller and Nate Lown

Jacob Miller is a songwriter, vocalist, bandleader, and preservationist in regards to all things traditional American music. At the ripe age of 24, he has been performing around North America for over a decade and recently Europe - spanning the genres of country-blues, ragtime, hot jass, western swing, and old-time string band. Still fresh faced,Miller is eager to explore and share a chapter of musical history that is all but forgotten.

Nate Lown is a vocalist, guitarist, and trombonist specializing in jazz, jazz, jazz, and of course, blues. Hailing from Southern California, Lown moved to Portland several years ago to pursue and study jazz music at Portland State University.

The two are both members of one of Oregon's hottest jass band, Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners; performing to swing and blues dancers near and far for the last 3 years. As a duo, Miller and Lown's repertoire includes western swing, country-blues, hot jass, pre-war blues, and ragtime numbers spanning the first several decades of the 20th century. Keep an eye out as the duo is guaranteed to provide a high energy, foot tappin' performance wherever they happen to play.

The Tipsy Gypsies

The Tipsy Gypsies are a modern gypsy jazz quintet (bass, drums, guitar, violin & vocals) performing original and cover arrangements. Often harvesting inspiration from the popular music domain, then rearranged to union with gypsy jazz instrumentation. In addition to their own prolific songwriting, the Tipsy Gypsies cover an array of crowd-adoring icons, including Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Tom Waits, Portishead, Sharon Jones & Louis Armstrong. Their upbeat, dance-inducing songwriting appeals to diverse audiences and age demographics, from the common listener to the inscrutable jazz aficionado.

From inspirations of love and love Lost comes one of the most enjoyable groups out of the central coast of California, The Tipsy Gypsies, featuring the lovely Hilary Langdon on vocals, Guitar player Forrestt Williams, Violinist Allan Dick, drummer Darryl Vandruff, and Double Bassist Brian Lanzone. These are the best musicians the area has to offer, but the chemistry the Tipsy Gypsies has during their packed live performances is greater than the sum of its parts.

The West End Stompers

The West End Stompers are made up of some of Sacramento's finest trad and swing musicians. Over the years, each member has traveled the country playing for lindy exchanges, competitions, and jazz festivals. The band was originally assembled by Justin and Brandon Au for the grand re-opening of Midtown Stomp, and continues to perform there semi-frequently. The Stompers are sure to keep you dancing all night long with their swingin’ tunes!


Augie Freeman
Los Angeles, CA

Augie Freeman is a Los Angeles based Instructor, Competitor, and DJ who’s passion and enthusiasm for swing has kept him dancing and collecting music since 2003. His inspirations have come from an understanding of rhythm, history, and a love for Jazz music. As a DJ, Augie’s focus has always been to not only discover new music that inspires creative and playful dancing, but also to curate and create social ambiance and to keep his fellow dancers engaged. Augie’s goal this weekend will be to play sets for you that bring a unique combination of ow, energy, and variety.

Adam Lee
Los Angeles, CA

Adam Lee started down his swing path in the 2nd grade when he started playing clarinet, and his grandmother bought him his very first record, which happened to be a Benny Goodman record. Growing up as a jazz musician, the addition of Lindy Hop to his life was a natural one. Adam started dancing in 1997 just a few months before the infamous GAP ad, and was dancing five nights a week. His passion is for the music of the swing era, specifically that of the Kansas City sound from the 30s. As a devotee of historical accuracy and cultural legacy, he teaches classes on music history and theory at every Lindy Hop and jazz dance event he can, and DJs dances the world over.

Lauren Stanley
Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Stanley has been dancing since she was five years old. She participated in ballet, gymnastics, ballroom dancing, and every sport she could compete in. She started dancing Lindy Hop in 2007 at LA's Lindy Groove, and soon started dancing almost every night of the week and competing regularly. Lauren is sought out as a swing DJ and competition judge. She has won and placed in a number of national and local dance competitions, including Camp Hollywood, the Lone Star Championships, Inspiration Weekend, Le Hot Sauce, and many others. Lauren loves the jazz lifestyle. From vintage clothes to swinging tunes, she has embraced the era wholeheartedly.

Ben Nathan
San Francisco, CA

Ben Nathan has been dancing Lindy Hop and Blues since getting dragged to a dance in 2003. After having the time of his life, he realized that the mixture of the music and movement was almost too perfect for words. In the years since, he has traveled to events all over the country, been an organizer of the San Francisco Lindy Exchange, and helped with numerous other events.

Lauren Chester
San Luis Obispo, CA

In June of 2002 Lauren Chester fell in love with Lindy Hop. Shortly thereafter, she fell in love with the music. In 2005 she began to DJ and fell even more in love with the music. Today, she just loves to spread the Lindy love by dancing, DJing, and teaching. Love life, y’all. Dance.

Nicole Trissell
San Francisco, CA

Nicole has been a dancer her whole life. Ballet, West Coast Swing, Lindy hop and Tango are all dances that have driven her need for expression through movement. But when she discovered Blues 5 years ago, it was love at first dance. She fell in love with the movement and the music, and soon after started dabbling with DJing and expanding her blues music collection. These days she DJs often in her home scene of San Francisco as well as all over the country and world as she travels, teaches and shares her passion for blues movement and music.

Steve Yang
San Francisco, CA

Steve loves to dance. Steve loves to DJ. Steve loves to DJ for dancers. Lyrical & expressive, rhythmic & dynamic, gooey sweet, down & dirty, and slow & melty blues, Steve can and will play a wide range of music designed to keep the creativity flowing, and keep everyone on the floor. Get ready for an amazing time, sloX!

Mark Carpenter

Mark learned how to dance right here in SLO just over ten years ago and owes so much of his life to the generosity and kindness of the community here. While in SLO he was heavily involved with the CP Swing Club and was one of the co-founders of Drop Dead Blues way back in 2007. After leaving Cal Poly in 2010 he has been nomadically traveling the world to dance, meet people, and explore life. In that time he has been asked to dj (and teach) at dance events as far away as Australia and Korea. His musical offerings tonight will range from gut-wrenching acoustic blues to soul-lifting jazz to the best new orleans big-band. Enjoy.

Brian Holliday
San Luis Obispo, CA

Brian discovered dancing in 2009 and began djing on his very first dancivesary. Brian discovered that having the right music playing at the right time is not just a task for the dance venue. Whatever the occasion, be it on beach, on a road trip, or coding at a desk having the best music playing for the mood is a daily pursuit. Some of Brian's new favorite blues genre's include New Orleans, Piano, and Electric . It is rumored that the only reason Brian's face doesn't melt off from listening to such juicy tunes is because it is held up by his beard.


Request Housing Offer Housing

To sweeten the deal, we are offering a discount for hosts who can house a higher capacity. Hosts will be reimbursed $5 on your ticket if you end up hosting 3-4 guests and $10 if you host 5+ guests. The sooner you fill them out, the better housing you will get!


Sign Up

sloX is known for its chill vibe, which comes in part from awesome organizers and volunteers. We love to have you as part of the team! When you sign up for volunteering, we will rely on you throughout the weekend, so promptness for your shifts, fully completing tasks assigned to you, and making decisions in your areas of authority are essential. It's important to us that you get to enjoy the event you are helping with, so we'd rather you commit a bit less than miss any of your duties.

To volunteer, complete the volunteer form before Friday April 17th 2015. You will be reimbursed for your volunteer hours after the weekend is over. Reimbursement is $10/hr up to the cost of your weekend or day passes. Email any questions to or send a message to the CP Swing Facebook group. We're looking forward to your application!


Chumash Auditorium
1 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA

Chumash Auditorium is on Cal Poly Campus and will be where our Saturday and Sunday night dances and After Hours dances will be held. Its convenient location and three dance rooms are ideal for a weekend such as this. The free parking and comfy couches are just an added bonus. The Starbucks and Yogurt Creations located downstairs are open until midnight.


From 101 North, exit onto Monterey St, turn right at Buena Vista St. Turn left at Loomis St and take the 3rd right onto Grand Ave. Continue straight until you enter the campus. Parking will be on your left.

From 101 South, exit onto Grand Ave and turn left. Continue straight until you enter the campus. Parking will be on your left.

Parking is free after 7:00pm on Friday and all weekend through Sunday.

Unfortunately guests who are under the age of 18 AND do not have a valid Cal Poly ID, will not be admitted into the parts of our event that is held in Chumash Auditorium on Cal Poly Campus. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Pavilion on the Lake
9315 Pismo Ave, Atascadero, CA

Just a few minutes up the road from San Luis Obispo, the beautiful Pavilion on the Lake will be the home of our Friday night dance. With its elegant interior and a breathtaking view, its the perfect place to kick off this wonderful weekend.


From 101 North, exit onto Curbaril Ave and take a right. Turn left onto Morro Rd and then proceed to take a left on Pismo Rd. The Pavilion is on your left.

From 101 South, exit onto Curbaril Ave and take a left. Turn left onto Morro Rd and then proceed to take a left on Pismo Rd. The Pavilion is on your left.

Parking is available in the lot in front of the venue.

Santa Rosa Park
Santa Rosa and Oak, San Luis Obispo, CA

Santa Rosa Park is one of the many beautiful parks throughout the SLO area. Conveniently located close to many restaurants, the park's green grass, tall trees, and personal parking lot makes it an ideal place to hold the favorite event of the weekend: Lindy Games.


From 101 North, exit onto CA-1 N/Toro St toward Morro Bay/Hearst Castle. Take the first right onto Walnut St. Turn right onto Santa Rosa St and take the third right onto Oak St. The park is on the left.

From 101 South, exit toward Santa Rosa St, continue onto Olive St. Turn left onto Santa Rosa St and take the second right onto Oak St. The park is on the left.

Parking is available in the lot to the left on Oak.

Avila Beach
Front St, Avila Beach, CA


From 101 South, exit San Luis Bay Dr and turn right onto San Luis Bay Dr. Turn right onto Avila Beach Dr. Turn left onto San Juan St and take a slight left onto 1st St and the next right onto San Francisco St. The beach will be directly ahead.

Parking is available along Avila Beach Dr before you turn onto San Juan and in the lot on 1st St on the left.

Only 15 minutes south of SLO, Avila Beach is a popular hangout place for locals. Free parking, bon-fire pits, tide pools, and the beautiful boardwalk makes this beach the ideal place for our Sunday afternoon hangout. So make sure you stick around Sunday to join us for games on the beach, great conversation, and a relaxing time!

Look for the CP Swing Sandwich board on the sidewalk along the beach. We usually find a place to the right of the pier (facing the ocean). Look for dancing and music!

The Madonna Inn
100 Madonna Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA

Madonna Inn is one of SLO's biggest attractions, and it's also to be one of our core venues. Madonna Inn has welcomed dancers for many years by providing a free venue for us every Monday night. "The Pink" hotel never ceases to amaze people with its intricate decor and famous men's bathroom (we'll show you!). So make sure you join us Monday night for free ice water, great music and an awesome time!


From 101 North, take Madonna Rd exit and turn left on to Madonna Rd. Take the first right into the Madonna Inn. Continue along the road as it curves left. The "back" entrance will be on the left.

From 101 South, take Madonna Rd exit and continue straight into the Madonna Inn. Continue along the road as it curves left. The "back" entrance will be on the left.

Parking is available in the lot or along the curved road.

Farmer's Market
Higuera St (Santa Rosa to Nipomo), San Luis Obispo, CA

One of SLO's weekly attractions brings people from all over the state. Every Thursday night enjoy fresh produce, great food from local restaurants, novelty items from community businesses and fantastic music from bands of various genres. There is always something to dance to at one of the largest Farmer's Markets in California. Then after Farmer's there will live gypsy jazz music at either Creekside Brewery (Broad St) or Kreuzberg Coffee Company (Higuera St).


From 101 North, exit Marsh St, and continue straight onto March. The Farmer's Market will be on the next street to the left starting at Nipomo. The parking garage will be on the right after Chorro.

From 101 South, exit Santa Rosa St, and continue right onto Olive. Turn right onto Santa Rosa St and turn right onto Monterey. The Farmer's Market will be on the next street to the left starting at Santa Rosa. Turn right onto Palm before Monterey for parking garage.

Parking is available in the structures on Marsh St and Palm St (the first hour is free and $.75/hr after) or along the surroundng roads.

More to come!