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6 - 9
10 - 12
Farmers Market
Creekside Brewery Gypsy Swing Music (21 & over)
Downtown Free


8 - 12

12 - 2
Main Dance Feat. Valerie Johnson and the Jumpin' Five
Blues Dancing Starts at 10
After Hours
Chumash Auditorium

Chumash Auditorium


1 - 4
8 - 12
12 - 4
Lindy Games
Main Dance Feat. The Cosmo Alleycats
After Hours
Blues Dancing Starts at 12
Meadow Park
Chumash Auditorium
Chumash Auditorium



1 - 5
8 - 1
Beach Day
Main Dance Feat. The Tipsy Gypsies
Blues Dancing Starts at 10
Avilia Beach
Chumash Auditorium


8 - 11
Swing Dancing
Madonna Inn



Cosmo Alleycats

The Cosmo Alleycats is a California Bay Area dance band that performs a wide variety of music with a high-energy, soulful delivery. Delivering a unique sound that sets them apart, the group of talented musicians draws from several decades of great music and performs creative interpretations of familiar and dance-inspiring songs spanning multiple genres: Swing & Big Band - Blues - R&B - Soul - 60s Rock - Motown.

The Cosmo Alleycats performs regularly at both Le Colonial and Blondie's Bar in San Francisco, and is a favorite to audiences and dancers throughout the Bay Area. The Band also appears at daytime concert events such as the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival and Sausalito's Jazz & Blues by the Bay series

Tipsy Gypsies

From inspirations of love and love Lost comes one of the most enjoyable groups out of the central coast of California, The Tipsy Gypsies, featuring the lovely Hilary Langdon on vocals, Guitar player Forrestt Williams, Violinist Allan Dick, drummer Isaac Laing, and Double Bassist Brian Lanzone. These are the best musicians the area has to offer, but the chemistry the Tipsy Gypsies has during their packed live performances is greater than the sum of its parts. The Tipsy Gypsies play a style of music that is rooted in Gypsy Jazz, like Django Reinhardt, and inspired by Billie Holiday, but updated with modern influences like the vocal stylings of Feist and Portishead. For example, in their live performance they cover material from the Velvet Underground, Portishead and the Beatles, all played in a gypsy jazz style. Their music could be described as a cross between Gypsy Jazz and Pop Music. They have created a style that is both classic and unique all at once.

The group began playing together for fun, but soon realized that they had something real to offer the world. They recorded their first demo, 'Sunday Afternoon', in the fall of 2008, and found themselves selling out of CDs at every show. They quickly developed a following on the Central Coast of California, San Luis Obispo area, and played to packed houses of mixed crowds. It soon became apparent that their music was appealing to all types of people, young and old, punks and swing dancers, college kids and adults. Everyone seems to enjoy the Tipsy Gypsies.

Valerie Johnson and the Jumpin' Five

Valerie Johnson, an earthy lady with unearthly silk and steel vocal cords who makes music that walks right into your heart and shakes hands with your soul. Born in the Bay Area, Valerie spent eight years polishing her voice as she toured Europe with the Bitburg Gospel Messengers and sang gospel and blues in the Far East. Al B Blue started out as a classically trained pianist, then formed a street corner doo-wop group in Camden, N.J..Upon moving to California, Al picked up the guitar and was soon playing major clubs in Los Angeles. In the L.A. club scene he met then joined Big Black & the Congregation, an Afro-Funk band, that toured the West Coast with Curtis Mayfield and Hugh Masekala. Bob Brenman began playing the clarinet when he was eight, and picked up the sax a few years later. Bob was a dance band leader in high school and in a jazz combo in college. While living in Eureka, California, Bob played Dixieland Jazz and "oldies" rock and roll for more than 25 years.

Kenneth Davis is a drummer and percussionist who resides in San Luis Obispo County. His wide range of experience belies his 23 years of age. Kenneth has played numerous live concerts, including five years as the drummer for the Red Skunk Band. Although Davis is a multi-instrumentalist, he has become renowned for his skills on the drums and washboard. Elita Chaffin is an upright bass player who is part of high profile musical family. Her mother, Nonie Chaffin, is a well known West Coast accordionist and her daughter, Molly Reeves, (who now resides in New Orleans) is a wildly popular Central Coast singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist, who was formerly the leader of the Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band.


Adam Lee New York City

Adam Lee started down his swing path in the 2nd grade when he started playing clarinet, and his grandmother bought him his very first record, which happened to be a Benny Goodman record. Growing up as a jazz musician, the addition of Lindy Hop to his life was a natural one. Adam started dancing in 1997 just a few months before the infamous GAP ad, and was dancing five nights a week. In 2001 he moved to Beijing, China where he started the Lindy Hop scene and led a 17 piece big band. In 2010 he returned to the USA to do a Master’s degree in Music Education at NYU and teaches music and swing dance lessons in New York City. His passion is for the music of the swing era, specifically that of the Kansas City sound from the 30s. As a devotee of historical accuracy and cultural legacy, he teaches classes on music history and theory at every Lindy Hop and jazz dance event he can, and DJs dances the world over.

Vicky Chan Los Angeles

Vicky Chan (Los Angleles) began her Lindy DJing career in 2007 with the help of many great DJs like Jesse Minor and Manu Smith. Over the years, she has accumulated many, many, gigabytes of music, while learning to appreciate different flavors of Jazz. Her favorite artists range from Gordon Webster to Careless Lovers.

Michael Hansen San Luis Obispo

Michael’s passion for swing dancing began in 2007, and quickly developed into a love of swinging jazz music. He has been serving up music for dancers in San Luis Obispo since 2009 for both Lindy and Blues, and is a regular DJ at for local venues like the Madonna Inn. Michael is always on the search for music to get people on the dance floor and having fun, preferring the sounds of the 30s, 40s, and the best swing music from today. Michael wants to show you why you should love swinging jazz as much as he does, and the best way to do that is to get out on that floor and dance! And don’t forget to save him a dance, too!

Alex Fernandez San Francisco

Being in Lindy Hop love for over a decade, Alex continues to spread his greatest joy through his swing outs, playing in a new jazz band and best of all, DJing for dancers. The fun for him lies in the challenge of keeping the floor inspired and the dancer's ear awake with his new found gems. In his sets you'll hear modern bands performing in the true spirit of the 30's and 40's, irreplaceable vintage swing artistry, and select soulful sounds from many genres like New Orleans and Gypsy Jazz, early R&B and the Big Bands of all eras. When not DJing in the SF Bay Area or dance events in the West Coast, he can be found on the dance floor, in a record store, or at the far edges of the internet finding his next swing out worthy tune.

Lauren Stanley Los Angeles

Lauren has been dancing since she was five years old. She participated in ballet, ballroom dancing, and every sport she could compete in. She started dancing Lindy Hop in 2007, when her friend brought her to LA's Lindy Groove. From there, she started dancing almost every night of the week and competing regularly. She has won and placed in a number of national and local dance competitions, and teaches regularly around the Los Angeles area. Although music education is her first passion, Lindy Hop is her life. She is thankful for the people she has met through swing dancing, and the joy that dance has brought to her life. Her goal as a teacher is to inspire her students to grow in their abilities and love of jazz dance.

Conrad Friesen Los Angeles

Conrad DJ's in Southern California as well as at events all over. From Le Hot Sauce in San Francisco, Hawkeye Swing Festival in Iowa City, to Lindy on the Rocks in Denver, he has had everyone up and dancing to some of the best music the world has produced. A musician since the age of four, he finds great joy in discovering and playing songs that make feet want to move, hearts fall in love, and create smiles from ear to ear. Whether it’s the infectious mellow drive of the Count, the soulful pain tinged voice of Lady Day, or perhaps the tastefully odd Jungle Music of the Duke holding court, his DJing will make you feel guilty for sitting this one out. You will just need to dance.


Mark Carpenter Nomad

Mark learned how to dance right here in SLO over eight years ago and has been effectively nomadic for the last four. In that time he has been asked to dj (and teach) at dance events around the world. While in SLO he was heavily involved with CP Swing Club and was one of the co-founders of Drop Dead Blues way back in 2007. His musical offerings tonight will range from gut-wrenching acoustic blues, to soul-lifting jazz, to the best new orleans big-band. Get excited.

Alex Westfall San Francisco

Alex's enthusiasm for dancing began with Lindy Hop and quickly extended to Blues in SLO during his formative years, he cut his teeth at the weekly blues venue, Drop Dead Blues. He has had the good fortune to DJ in several major cities across California. Now calling San Francisco home, he enjoys DJing at local venues and house parties. When DJing Blues, his style runs the gamut--From Jazz to Delta Blues, from prohibition era to contemporary, and from Traditional Blues to the Alternative. Alex loves to play to the room and will do his best to challenge you. Save him a dance--he'll see you on the floor!

Katie Belsky Los Angeles

Katie Belsky started her love affair with dance back in 2004 when she fell head over heels for Lindy Hop. After training in a number of different dance styles, including West Coast Swing, Latin, and Ballroom, she discovered Blues in 2007. Her love of Blues cannot be contained, as she can be found organizing national Blues events as well as teaching and DJ-ing throughout Southern California. Katie loves to create a good time with music and adores all genres of Blues. Though her sets tend toward more traditional styles, she can bring some soul to the dance floor when needed. Katie hopes to spread her love of Blues faster than adorable kitten videos on YouTube!

Shadi Paulo Seattle

After having been a member of Seattle's dance scene for several years, dabbling in various forms including West Coast Swing, Capoeira, and Zouk, Shadi found a home in the Emerald City's Blues scene. Recognizing a need for committed community members who do more than dance, he became a volunteer for special events and began developing himself as a DJ. In the last few years, he has become a regular DJ for Seattle local venues such as Back Alley Blues, Blues Underground, Om Fusion, and Fantastic Friday's Blues and Fusion and has DJed for venues and house parties nationally as well as for Vancouver, BC's Blues and Fusion Coalescence, and was proud to be a featured DJ for Seattle's Fusion Fest 2013. He began working with Blues Underground's leadership during the spring of 2013, and was happy to step into the role of Director and Coordinator of BUG that following summer. His role includes special events development including live music, inter-dance community outreatch, DJ training, and ensuring that those who come to Blues Underground have a bluesey good time.